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Despite our progression as a performance sport, maintaining a welcoming and inclusive social environment has always been one of the main priorities of our tennis club. Our social secretary makes sure that regular club activities are organised including themed nights out in Newcastle, bowling, meals, dodgeball, yoga, pub quizzes and sometimes just a simple coffee and catch up.

Our welfare officer is on hand to offer support to those in difficult circumstances or for those who are struggling to find the right work-life balance at university which sometimes isn't easy!


Tennis Club Socials

Activities and Welfare

Our squad's base at the Northumberland Club allows players to mix with a wide range of members from all walks of life. Sometimes finding some part-time income while studying can be difficult but the club often takes on our students as assistant tennis coaches and bar staff. Many players end up living together in Jesmond during their second and third years then go on to remain friends for life as alumni.

Recently we've had players raising money for good causes via the Great North Run and taking part in a charity dodgeball competition to help raise money and awareness for the CoppaFeel charity. 

Northumberland Club

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