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At Newcastle University we offer sport scholarships to support our strongest athletes in a range of performance sports including squash, table tennis, tennis and badminton. Sport scholarships can include a range of support services, a reduced academic grade offer and a financial bursary. Applicants will be required to demonstrate previous and current sporting achievements and show a commitment to developing as an athlete and competitor within their own sport.


Sports Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and are available to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, as well as current students from any year of study. Selection criteria are based upon senior or age group achievements at county, regional or national level. 
Every Sport Scholar must be able to represent Newcastle University teams in British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS) events where applicable.

Selection Criteria

Contextual Grade Offer

As part of a sport scholarship, high performance athletes (HPAs) are given a reduced grade offer which will be reflected in their UCAS application. For MBBS, Dental, Fine Art and Business courses applicants can receive one grade reduction from the standard offer and for all other courses applicants will receive two grades off the standard offer.

We offer financial bursaries up to £10,000

Support Services include:

  • Small group S&C sessions

  • Access to medical services including physiotherapy and sports massage

  • Professional coaching

  • Heavily discounted sport membership

  • Mentoring/lifestyle support

  • Athlete workshop programme covering topics such as sports physiology, nutrition, psychology, screenings, injury prevention & management and lifestyle management

  • Branded sports kit

  • Sport Science Support

  • Access to training facilities

  • Performance video analysis

Support Package

North American Athlete Scholarships

​Newcastle University also offers specific athlete scholarships to any North American students looking at postgraduate study. Applicants can receive a discount on course fees of up to 60% and access to the above services.
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