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Representing our BUCS teams isn't the only competitive opportunity for our players with plenty more on offer for those who want more tennis.  

The yearly varsity fixture between Newcastle University and Northumbria University, otherwise know as the Stan Calvert Cup, has a long history and fierce rivalry. Newcastle are the current holders after a close victory in 2022. Our players love taking on the Poly each year and it's usually followed with a memorable social!


Stan Calvert Cup


As well as a team competition BUCS also run individuals and doubles championships each year attracting the strongest players from around the UK enrolled in higher education. We support our high-level players to represent the University against the best BUCS can throw at them.

BUCS Singles and Doubles

Local League

The Dunlop Northumberland and Durham Leagues operate over both winter and summer. Local teams are always on the lookout for strong players. Our club contacts can help our students find a team at an appropriate standard if they're looking for more competitive tennis.


'It has been a privilege to be part of the tennis club over my last 5 years at University. I started back in '17, making my first new friends at Uni during freshers week, now I stand as first team captain and a proud member of NUTennis. Being able to compete at a high level regularly, alongside some of my closest friends really helped cement my uni experience into one of the best parts of my life so far. Training and S&C has left me in the best physical shape I have ever been in, and my tennis has got a whole lot better too. It's been a blast both on and off the court. I will leave uni with nothing but the fondest memories.'

Testimonial: Alex Dodd

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