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The Table Tennis club offers a range of social events for its members. Newcastle's famous nightlife is frequented on a Wednesday night to either celebrate or commiserate the day's result and the end of year sports ball is always a big occasion to dress up smart and celebrate the season as a whole. If you're not into drinking then don't fear the club runs plenty of inclusive activities for all players to enjoy including going for runs and bike rides, bowling, mini-golf, meeting up for meals and trips to watch other sporting events.


The committee have a firm understanding of the role the club plays in developing table tennis as a sport and they make sure all players get the chance to thrive in a supportive, fun and safe environment. Our appointed welfare officer is on hand to offer support to any players experiencing difficulties or struggling to find a life balance that works for them. Many of our players end up living together in their later years of study and go on to remain friends for life.


Nights out and Activites

Ethos and Welfare

'I'm a combined honours History and Spanish graduate and I played table tennis for Newcastle for 3 years. The best bit about being part of the team was being involved in a different social group and mixing with new people both at training and on socials. The team is also very high achieving and has a range of levels which gave me the opportunity to improve quickly in a fun environment. I can’t recommend being part of a uni sports team enough, it’s my number 1 piece of advice for new students!'

Testimonial: Jeremy Hamshaw

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